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About Pisoterreo

Pisoterreo Landscape Architecture

Created in 2008 by Landscape Architect Marta Malheiro
We work in projects, planning, consulting and project management.
We plan your outside area, from the first draft until it is concluded. We commit to attend every stage of the project, knowing it is a key step to attain the goals previously established.
Over the years, Pisoterreo has developed several projects with different dimensions and challenges. It has recovered and rehabilitated historical gardens and created new landscape concepts for tourist developments.
Each project is developed according to the location, circumstance, and special features. Clients are invited to feel the genius loci when a hand drawing and watercolours are shown.

Jardins Magazine

In 2016, architect Teresa Chambel, Jardins magazine editor, accessed Pisoterreo for the “Balconies and Terraces” item. Of course, the invitation was immediately accepted. Four years have gone by, always searching for different content, which is current and accessible for everyone, no matter how much room is available, even if it is just a small balcony.




Planning and Urbanism




Project Management


I wake up every day and look at my favourite olive tree, I look at the perfect lines, simplicity, all shades of green, put freshly cut lavender in the vase and feel grateful for the amazing work done by Marta and Francisca. Can you imagine that something you have always dreamed off is finally here and even better then in your dreams? I have garden like this. It was an amazing project. The level of professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail was unbelievable. I was smart enough to go ahead with the full proposal with virtually no modifications, and the result is just stunning, everything works together perfectly – lighting, furniture, plants, and trees. It is minimalistic and represents modern Portugal. I only wish I had a bigger space to work with. I highly recommend Marta to everyone. You will not be disappointed.

Ksenia Held

My experience, working with architect Marta Malheiro has been very good in terms of her ability to understand the clients´ ideas, the suggestions she provides and the availability she shows, always in favour of the project. Personally, although the technical component is important, the ability to communicate, to understand and to feel part of the project, makes all the difference, and Marta Malheiro is a good example of the fusion of these two realities.

Ricardo Correia