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Memories of the Forest

Feeling the space, experiencing the garden…

The introductory space offers the perception of the development of the forest, in a transitional path to the entrance to the garden… musicality of the leaves… a small sample of that experience… and we continue on a red “carpet” that marks, by color, its difference… We move away from the closed to the open space, created by the cutting of trees… its detached trunk or even plane… we feel that emptiness that is filled with textures… we continue and we arrive at the garden, a lawn punctuated by a bench… a swivel bench… a single bench… a bench that moves individually with the strength of Man. A punctual and individual element as a point of reflection… reflection… supported by an installation… a mirror, a reflection… A mirror that remains in the garden but reflects the forest. One perspective, several perspectives are achieved by observing and rotating.

Here, we feel the Forest in the Garden…


Ponte de Lima

Execution year:


Construction year:


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Marta Malheiro

Landscape Architecture :

Marta Malheiro e Francisca Figueira