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What we offer



Garden concept project with hand drawing and images. Every stage of the project is included: Project Concept, Developmental approval, Detail Design, Technical Assistance

Planning and Urbanism

Allotment and detail plans. Pisoterreo develops plans and projects that better suit urban spaces with public or private landscape areas. After a previous study and analysis of the local landscape, a set of legal regulations are included in the project plan, fulfilling the requirements made by law decrees for landscape projects.


A landscape architect will provide support to find the best ideas and the best solutions for your garden. Anual Maintenance Plan – Recognition and survey of each, and every garden aspect, providing maintenance guidance for better optimization of resources. Inspections. Vegetation Survey and Inventory

Project Management

With the right tools (MS Project) we can monitor every stage of the project, the tasks of everyone in the team, predict risks, create a contingency plan, and communicate regularly with the stakeholders